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drlaura andersson

superb. i am only partway through, but what comes to mind is wondering about a place for the Fibonacci sequence and the ever upward spiral.
as we turn, then the lowest earth can rise to be the earth above fire, and the new plane is entered.
blessings, :L


Hi Laura --

If you are only halfway through upon posting that note, then you will be pleasently surprised when you find the graphic that illustrates exactly what you are visualizing. the site that link comes from is wonderful too.

Cudos to my lightscribe Cynthia, whose magical touch with the internet and intuitive grasp of the material embellishes the articles with art and links to die for!

And all thanks go out to the knowledge-miners, known and unknown, who labor behind our screens, making all this sublime material available to us without stint and often without pay.

Blessings to all!


Christine Payne

I have recently found the excellent author Richard Tarnas, whose magisterial book _Cosmos and Psyche_ takes on the very same issues, with stunning effect. Not to be missed by those who are trying to bridge the gap between the Renaissance and Reformation worldview and our own.

I might also mention that this article forms the preamble for the alchemical paradigm of the Tarot of the Holy Light. But, since it was written in 2007, I hadn't yet worked out the issues that arise when this ancient model is cast into Kabbalistic terms, as it has to be to become "operative". Therefore there are issues still not solved in this presentation. I resolved the entire paradigm by crafting the THL Icon and making a slight re-arrangement in the unfolding of the numbers 1-10 among the Pips. You'll find the Icon discussed in nearly every ArkLetter since Sept 2011.

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