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Bonnie Cehovet


I certainly have a new deck on my wish list now! ;-) It interests me the way that this deck is set up ... I would never have thought of reversing Swords and Pentacles (Air and Earth).

I also have a very real question about "why" only the Aces through Fours? I hope this deck is still available, because even thought I may not agree with it, attempting to follow someone else's line of thought is always expansive for our own thought process.

I also agree that the tools that are being presented in the Tarot world at this time are not reflective of all that the Tarot can be. What I am seeing is that more authors and artists are publishing independently, which is a good thing. We get a truer reflection of their intent, and often a much better quality product than "mass market" items.



Curiosity about the Prager pack is well-rewarded. I saw that Amazon has a few copies for quite decent prices, though it's likely that they'll be gone as soon as I post this!

The artist has fully-realized all four elements in that the color scheme, the appointments of the Royals, and the symbols on the Pips cohere, making it easy to 'see' which element you are looking at, despite any cognative dissonance from other packs.
As to why, why not? Kaplan hints it's 'alchemical'. Make of that whatever you want.

The foreshortening of the numbered cards is to make it match the Geomantic Figures both in Pips and Royals, IMHO. Just like the Paracelsus Oracle with its two sets of Figures adds up to 32, this pack does too in it's Suit cards. Matter of fact, the two packs shuffle into each other quite satisfyingly, being exactly the same length, nearly exact in width, and of the same cardstock. Such a happy accident!

When you put the Paracelsian Oracle together with the Prager cards, you get the best of both worlds (except those damned and infernal signatures, which I consider a grave error made by Lo Scarabaeo). The "faces" and numbers of the Tarot cards fill out the Figures and Images on the Paracelsus Oracle. Both packs are petite, so it takes both of them together to feel like a 'full deck'. But there are definitely *issues* to resolve as to inner meanings. The oracle is lopsided unless the user imposes some rules of harmonization upon each pack.

Just remember, neither of these packs is strictly historical, though each have elements that point back to our esoteric history. They are products of the fertile (febrile?) minds of people who have one foot in tradition and one foot in 'marketing cool'. They are each somewhat 'raw' in the decisions that were made to invent them; they require the user to take them in hand and knead them into their best shape. Nevertheless, they are worth the time being spent on them, and for some they might be 'just the ticket'.


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