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Ken Graydon

A timely article indeed. Our need for "instant everything" makes it a challenge to take the time to ponder the mysteries which surround us. The publicity around the current practice of magic [think, Harry Potter] tends to diminish an appreciation of the magic in one's own garden, or even of a non-competitive realm where one can grow.


Hi Ken, nice to hear from you!

When I was quite young and first realizing that the study of magic was drawing my attention, I was led to contemplate one of the many images of a spirit in human shape, with finger over pursed lips, which is the long-time ancient symbol for secrecy and occult discretion.

What occured to me then, and has proved to be true right into the present, is that it is not possible for outside circumstances to hijack the contents of one's own interior magical workings as long as one can restreain onseelf from talking about it to anyone else.

This is not about fear of persecution, or selfishness, or competition, or any of the other motives that in our modern paranoia we attribute to the method and motive of discretion. It's simply because, when we allow others to toss their opinions and viewpoints into our magical well of consciousness, those inputs ripple our inner waters such that we can no longer see a clear image on the surface of our 'still pond'. Instead we are taken up with fending off, explaining, or otherwise compensating for someone else's projections invading into our private reality.

Therefore, we must seek out a place of true aloneness within ourselves and learn to diminish our cravings to seek consensus with others, at least in this one area. That is the minimum bottom-line prerequisite for creating some space within which we can undertake authentic acts of consciousness, free from interferance.

Thanks for your input, and happy visualizing!


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