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The above links to a site where a set of Shem Angel signatures can be found, reputedly from the 16th century.

However, note the caveat below the sigils -- that some have concluded these are images of the "shadow side" of the Angels, the mirror images of their powers.

Thanks to MoonSinger, who shared the link over at TarotSalon (our Yahoo discussion group). And thanks to Uri Raz as well, who dug them up and made the available online.

Vesher Mahash Ben Yisrael

I find it very interesting that so much knowledge is out there about who I am. When I say this, I mean what you were born into and what name was given to you, its purpose. I have had this name all of my life and yes, I am Hebrew as well. I don't have many books that dwell into the origin of my name, but it is good to see that there is a waking knowledge of something out there. If you could, please send me more information regarding it, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you,

Vesher Mahash Ben Yisrael


Hi Vesher --

As a gentile, if I wanted to understand a name in Hebrew I would go to my copy of _The Hebraic Tongue Restored_, by Fabre d'Olivet, and look up every sylable on its own. I would also look it up in _Dictionary of Deities and Demons In The Bible_. One could also calculate out the spelling in numbers, following that up to compare what other words add up to the same sum. Further, one could conjugate the individual words into as many forms as they each have, to get the larger sense of their implications in speech and writing.

Beyond that, I don't know where to send you. If you find any secret caches of sacred name information online or in printed form, do let us know!



David W.

I have been on the hunt for a way that 22 of the Shem angels/seals would correspond to the 22 Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Do you know of any way this actually works?




Hi David --

I'm not sure how this would work, as the Shems are consigned to 5-degree segments of the Zodiac, meaning they exist in a pattern of 6x12, distributed spatially around the Earth. There are 12 Zodiac Letters (each one therefore representing 6 Angels), but the rest of the alphabet represents the Planets and Elements, so what are you going to do with those?

To make a complete Hermetic Cosmos out of the Alphabet, you need to layer the Shems into the Ladder of Lights (see Stoichieon/Somata Tarot essay), then envision the circulation of the Planets, Signs, and Seasons/Elements (all in their Hebrew spellings). Then, when using an astrological chart for a person, place or thing, you can create phrases of angelic power from the positional descriptions of a given planet's spot in the cycle.

For example, let's say you want to strengthen your planets in Leo. The "phrase" you would construct could include the spelled-out names of the Planet(s)in question, along with the name of their Season (element), Sign, and the Angel governing each planets' individual placement.

Adding in the astro-glyphs and sigils for the planets/signs/angels would reiterate the message as well. This "angelic equation" would then be added to a scroll, talisman, wax figure, ring, or whichever token one was using to "hold the energy".

It might help you to investigate the sources on Hebrew Magic, just to get a sense of how the letters get used in the Jewish style. The letter-magic of the Hebrews has many ins and outs and perhaps you'll see an application that I have missed. But in general, the Shems get used as "markers" for the 72 slices of Zodiacal pie surrounding the Earth. They aren't also planets and elements, as the Double and Elemental letters are.

If you find anything that will add to our knowledge, I do hope you will share!




Hi again David --

You would actually be getting very close to the Lullian work if you chose instead to use the Planets, Signs and Elements in their one-letter correspondences (as already assigned by the Sefir Yetzira). Then you could spell out a 3-letter "word" symbolizing the Planet, Sign and Element characterizing the energies converging on the angelic degrees.

The angel names are themselves based on three-letter roots. This would give you a very concentrated phrase (six letters, minus prefixes or suffixes) that, in the hand of somebody who knew the key, would point very exactly to an exact location in the "heavens".

With a Hebrew Dictionary (and possibly using any of the letter-manipulation techniques used in Hebrew Magic), one could then determine a verbal meaning for the newly-resulting "name", which would enclose within its letters the esoteric charge of the whole cosmic assemblage.

I am not saying this is what anybody in history actually did. I'm just saying, this type of thing is consistent with already-existing magical usage.

Best of luck!





Sorry to be slow getting back to you William --

The numerology of the Esoterico pack is no different than any other Continental pack, except that two pairs of planets are switched on the Trumps: Jupiter/Sun and Mars/Venus. The Esoterico follows the Hebrew usage rather than the Greek Alphabet Reform pattern of the other european packs.

Esoterico's Trumps are delineated according to the Hebrew Letters on their faces,as detailed in Aryeh Kaplan's summation of the Sefir Yetzirah. For the pips pack, the Esoterico follows the eccentric Eudes Picard packs, which have a logic of their own. From what I've heard, the Picard book is in translation right now, but I don't know how or by whom it will be published. You can see other versions of this style on the Babli Tarot and the Universal Wirth Tarot.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what else I can say till you ask the question again more completely.

Happy New Year!


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