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JOHN +R. von BLAUCH-Carpenter.::.*,+Eqs. á Heron Azur

What of the "Rosicrucian" elements that were infused into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? I've great interest in knowing who were these men affiliated with, as they were anabaptists, immigrating with fully communicated doctrines and transmissions, prior to the Revolutionary War? Many were from educated and land owning Uradels, who were so compelled to collaborate, (and escape persecution), with the creation of Republic of Initiatic and Synarchist ideals. I've been witness to the viable strains of the underground stream still flowing in this place (even still), Penns Woods; establshed as a sanctuary for the True Pilgrims of Progress, later unified into the U.S.A. of then and quite possibly today.


Hi John!

I would think you could get some of the context you are seeking from the works of Arthur Versluis. I don't know that he makes specifically Rosicrucian connections, but if you search through his works over at, you'll see several that might interest you. For one, The Esoteric Origins of the American Renaissance might grab your eye. Also, in the Introduction to The Hermetic Book Of Nature: An American Revolution in Consciousness, Versluis gives a condensed outline of Protestant Sophianics (broadly called theosophers) from Jacob Bohme forward. You might even be close enough to Versluis' campus (Michigan State U) to give his department a visit?

I haven't heard the word Uradel before, but now that you have mentioned it, somebody should really do a formal research project on those members of European royal families who came to America, like the Page of Wands, to get a fresh start on a level playing field.

There's certainly lots more to be revealed about the founders of our nation! And I have a feeling the truth will be much more interesting than the current docu-tainment available on the subject!


Hello again John --

What I forgot to say in the last post was, Versluis' book Wisdom's Children: A Christian Esoteric Tradition documents the spiritual lineage of Jacob Bohme and the Protestant Sophianics who brought these teachings to America.

Do keep us posted if you find more on this topic.



Saar Yarko

What is the definition of the words: "Crata" and "Repoa" and then what is the meaning of these two names together: "Crata Repoa". Everybody states that Crata Repoa is the ancient Egyptian inition or steps of the initiate, etc. but nobody defines tehese two words.

What do they mean, what language are they in? Those are my questions. Please enlight me here.

Thank you!


Hi Saar Yarko --

I have no clue what those titles mean! The main source I have about the subject is Manly P. Hall's _Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians_. 'Crata Repoa' seems to be the title of a manuscript first found in Germany in the early 1700's, which itself might have have been based, at least in part, on a book published in Venice in 1657, called _The Ritual of Initiations_ by Humberto Malhandrini. Hall also suggests that there exists, or did, an "Ancient and Mysterious Society of Crata Repoa", so it's apparently the title of the group as well as the manuscript.

Not knowing what language Crata Repoa is, I don't have a clue how to translate it. It could have been a name that was made up numerologically in order to yield some particular cosmic number. But in that case one would have to see the word written in the original language (German?) to make the number/letter transliterations in all accuracy.

I'm of the opinion that the title is synthetic, intended to resemble an ancient language but ambiguous enough to imply significance within several European tongues. Hall is telling us that this ritual is a patchwork of fragments from antiquity, sewn together to (hopefully) evoke an echo of the depth and profundity that was classically attributed to initiation gained in the Egyptian temples. Therefore, I suspect that the title is a hybrid to match.

Anybody else have any information to share? It's a great question and I can't help but think that the answer, if there is one, would be revealing.



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