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mike hewitt

Very interesting article, but the story goes deeper. Ficino, along with others was endeavouring to introduce the seventh harmonic into music. Hindu theorists had tended to avoid the seventh harmonic (any musical interval whose ratio involved the prime number seven) as they believed it invoked interplanetary powers - that is forces too strong for us to handle.
Ficino developed a scale that incorporated the seventh harmonic and evolved a system of magical music which, he hoped, would invoke such powers.


Hi Mike --

Fascinating! do you have any resources to help flesh this idea out?

Books, websites, whatever led you to this realization, I would love to investigate this further.

In my opinion, the Hermetic Magi were not wrong in the idea that "music" (vibration) underlies the forms of matter. The Harmonic Sequence is the alpha and omega of this train of thought. But given that many people's ears don't even consciously hear harmonics, how did Ficino manage to compose with them?

Anything that you can add to this discussion would be wonderful to read!



I had Godwin's book, but I lost it
Now I was looking for that diagram of the lambdata

maybe you know of a link to that?

come back tomorrow to read the rest of your interesting-looking post

.. .. ..

thank you


It's called Lambdoma, and you will find the very link you are seeking farther along in the article, in the section about "Pythagorean Harmonic Tradition Updated".

I'm glad you are enjoying it, and thanks for writing in!


hello Christine

Thank you very much
Yesterday I didn't see the lambdoma
It hadn't loaded, my connection is very slow, plus I was very tired and didn't examine everything

there is a lot!


Christine Payne-Towler

Today my dear friend John Meador sent me this link.

I'm thrilled to read so much about the Teli in one article. I'm sure this is something that needs to come into the collective consciousness right around now, to help us visualize what's happening to us right now.

Thank you Christoph de la Cruz!


This is a brilliant article! Thank you for posting this and referring me here.

Seems to me as if we are taking very similar paths in our esoteric pursuits. There is so much here that ties directly in with my post on the Greek Vowels.

all the best,


Christine Payne

I found a great article today from CNN, again on the subject of music and the brain:

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