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wondered about 2 things in present and your reaction: the 8 women with the olympic flag recently; and new XENA planet beyond pluto. is this meaningful?


Hi Laura --

I really don't know what to say about the "8 women with the olympic flag" recently. I don't have a TV, so if it wasn't mentioned at the Google News Page (and I tend to skip the sports page), I just don't see it at all.

Do you have a feeling you would like to express about that?

Relative to the apparent new planet, I'm highly amused. We haven't even seen Pluto around one transit of the Zodiac yet, but for some reason we are eager to find more and yet more planets to add to the mix. How do we think this is actually going to make a bit of difference to the world?

As far as I can see, all three of the usual "trans Saturnian" planets are of marginal value to astrologers. No doubt modern practitioners will consider them essential, and to each their own. However, ever since they were forced into the rulership scheme we have been dealing with an unbalanced, irrational model which is absolutely not in harmony with the ancient art as we have inherited it. I'm not the type who thinks that New is always better than Old!

Uranus takes an entire human lifetime to get around the zodiac once (70-odd years), while Neptune and Pluto have even longer periods. Unless somebody has gone back into time and tied major human cultural events to their movements (have they?), or unless someone can demonstrate how these planets affect the fate of nations, the tides of finance or the movements of ilnesses around the globe, then we are all just making educated guesses.

Really, I think it's marginal how much impact they will be having in a person's chart this week, this month, or even this year. Even as a person who currently has Pluto on her MC/Mars and Uranus on her ascendant, things have been remarkably calm in my life, and they both crossed their critical degrees in the last month. Shouldn't I be showing more signs of their personal interferance in my life?

In fact, they have each been in their current neighborhoods for years already, so I'm assuming that their influence is like that of radioactivity -- invisible, slow to register, and subtle. These are not qualities that lend themselves to prediction and control.

Yes, I think they have an effect, but a very slow and collective and unconscious one. That's why I object to thinking of them as "ruling" a given sign. I prefer to see Uranus as ruling the Sun/Moon/Saturn signs, Neptune as ruling the Jupiter/Mercury signs, and Pluto as ruling the Mars/Venus signs. That way the old rulership pattern is not damaged, and we can imagine these slower-moving bodies to be "speaking" through the faster planets that they (theoretically) influence.

You don't hear me talking about them this way, however. I'd have to give this lecture every time I look at a chart if I took that stance! In general, I see the Outer Planets as a whole affecting entire generations of people, or those swaths of each generation that have "hot spots" where these planets currently are hanging out.

I'm happy to hear how others feel about this, because I'm sure no two person's opinions will be the same. Traditionally in Astrology, nothing is real unless it has been observable for generations, across multiple cultures, and even despite different methods of calculatingand/or nomenclature. None of the agreed-upon" Outer Planets has passed that test yet, so I'm witholding judgement on the large asteroid that's even farther out (at least some of the time) that Pluto.

Clear as mud, eh?




Laura said:

Christine answered:


laura said: oddly, i feel there is something happening that's an important thing-renaissance of goddess-in our lives. and of course your article re-reminded me. that's why when we were sent a tape of the olympics and
i saw 8 women carrying in the flag - first time ever it really struck me as significant. One
one was sophia loren - the goddess if there ever was one, and another was susan sarandon, who is a thinking athena/venus blend. Then, it was Italy as host country - has been king of chauvinist countries- who chose women.
it seemed to me to be emblematic of a change in the winds... a pro=female change.'

Christine said: Very good! I missed it, but see what you mean.

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