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You must realize that the last couple of ArkLetters sound as if the physical world as we know it is coming to an end. Although you don't come right out and say so, based on these readings, and the fact that a reading can have meanings on many levels, is that what you think one of the interpretations can be?

Kind regards,


Hi Maggie --

Thanks for the feedback, and the chance to clarify my position further.

No doubt I sound as if "the physical world as we know it is coming to an end". I am old enough to remember a number of beautiful, magical and vibrant parts of nature which no longer exist, not only in my home state of California, but also in Oregon where I raised my family, and in Washington where my mother grew up. It is not an exaggeration to say that I cannot show my children the world I grew up in, because it's now buried under tract homes, or turned into mini-malls, or just scraped into the lake by a front loader so some rich guy could put a trophy home where there was willow beach-forest for hundreds of thousands of years before....

Here's a morsel of current news -- two generations of plague brought about the mini ice-age that gripped Renaissance Europe for 300 years. It happened because a lot of cleared land sprouted trees while 1/3 of the population died and had to be replaced. Why then do we so stubbornly believe that our huge megopolii and fossil-fueled global culture, already a hundred years along, will have no influence on the Earth?

I have a friend who was raised a hunter/gather in the bush in Niger. His grandfather and father told him that the environment was degrading because of the oil exploitation going on by the French, but they thought it would take 150 years to wipe out their way of life. Now that the entire country is going under from desertification, my friend sends home his extra pocket change to keep his family members from starving! Three weeks ago he told me "there's nothing there to go back to, because there's nothing left to save". For him, the world has already come to an end. He's not in America to "get rich quick", he's here because it's the only way he and his family can eat!

Add in the slavers that raid the villages, and a government that uses the military to rip off and control the masses, and you have a truly hellish existence. Lack of resource has erased the survival matrix of the native people, so they are now sitting ducks for the exploiters. This is how depletion of the ecosystem creates opportunity for human depradation that speeds up the process even more.

Yes, I am afraid for humanity, for the ecosystem, for the non-human lives we affect in our heedlesness and ultimately for our Mother, the Earth. I have always been, since I'm an empath and live in a world of vibes despite my smart brain.

I and my staff are united in the opinion that if there is a "right use" for oracles and divination tools in the 21st century, it is to help us tune into a larger model of reality. It's not that readings about relationships, career, and mundane events are useless, but I have already done that work over at for those who need that kind of advice. After spending more than 30 years delivering private readings of all kinds to people in all situations, I'm now using this platform to talk about things that have no personal context, but affect us all very deeply.

My goals now are:

1) to elevate occultism back to its' original place in human culture -- as a moral and advisorial system for leaders at all levels,

2) to bring Tarot back into the academic world in the new Western Esotericism departments starting up in the European universities, and

3) to represent historical esotericism in such a way that modern minds can make contact with Sophia, the Virgin of the World, and the Gaia matrix still at work on the planet.

Remember also that this is an article on retrograde planets, which makes it a focused meditation on "what can go wrong" in the coming year. No doubt other things will "go right" to balance out the things I have mentioned here. I always try to state what I am saying in terms of principles, so the applications can be made at any level the reader finds relevant. But at a global scale, retrograde outer planets are mass events affecting people in every generation and locale. The examples I choose are designed to reference events at that scale

I hope this helps, and thanks again for asking.




the world as we know it:
predictions are by 2040 the pollution will be so bad no earth-based telescope will work.
huge increase in skin cancer in australia, where more of the ozone-layer thinning has an effect.
unsafe to eat tuna more than 1x weekly for adults and very bad for pregnant women and children under 12. and no longer safe as treats for your cats more than every other month. [in case you didn't know, mercury is a "heavy" metal and once in the body is trapped - and it's poison, causing madness among other symptoms... remember the "mad hatter" ?]


another thought.
christine's warnings... are at present intended as WAKE-up call. we've all lived near one of those dangerous intersections... where children are ALMOST hurt, but no one will listen to the moms, UNTIL what? you know... someone is killed. then they wake up.

pluto in particular is the STOP sign before you go off the cliff...

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