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laura andersson

Hello Christine,
i've been holding my breath- figuratively- waiting for your letter! these are most wonderfully erudite, informative, enjoyable, and a boon of boons to us that you do this. gratitude.
now, i have only admittedly skimmed, not studied, but what does ANNULAR mean in this context? "annular eclipse"
i think? an eclipse requires sun-moon opposition, 180degrees... but?


Hi Laura --

I didn't know either, so I did a google search, found
and here's how they defined it:

"An annular eclipse differs from a total eclipse in that the Moon appears too small to completely cover the Sun. As a result, the Moon is surrounded by an intensely brilliant ring or annulus formed by the uneclipsed outer perimeter of the Sun's disk. The solar corona is not visible during annular eclipses."

So there you go! The name of it seems to be about the way it looks to us here on earth, rather than some technical detail of the eclipse mechanism itself.

You learn something new every day, eh?


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