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laura andersson

past = 1. i would like to comment that in a spiritual sense, the past is NOT locked or frozen as we CAN change it. what? we can change our perception of it, our attitude concerning it, and our understanding of it, and in changing that, say via "forgiveness", we ultimately then change both the present and the future. so for me it is the past that is "1", with magus being appropriate and the present that is "0", with the fool especially if i am unaware of influences.
hope to hear what you think Christine,
thanks, L


Hi Laura --

This is the beauty of Tarot, is it not? We can move the parts and pieces in relation to each other, and see meaning in all kinds of arrangements. If this is what is relevant to you, then it is a fine arrangement, no matter whether I can "see" it or not.


This is what I am guessing is the third card in the triumverate, right?

What this says to me is that you have your Trumps rotating in the opposite direction than I do, counterclockwise instead of clockwise. And this is totally traditional. By that I mean, some of the earliest lists of the Trumps count them down from the top (World) instead of up from the bottom (Fool), so when you make them into a circle the resulting hoop spins both ways with equal ease.

I have been experimenting with "the past" and the forces which can be brought to bear to put it through changes. I agree -- by adjusting our outlook in relation to the object in question, we will adjust what we see and therefore what the object is to us. My memory retains only this piercing question from a metaphysical money tape I heard years ago, which the author repeated multiple times: "If the the mind is the seat of power, what does it behoove me to think in this instance?"

Note, it is not always forgiveness that needs to be granted to the past. Sometimes the necessary ingredient is critical thinking, other times it might be about reversing a damaging old lie, any number of things. There are potentially endless types of therapy that need to be applied for the past to finally rest easy. (I know I've had to "reinvent" my mother several times in this lifetime, as my own experiences changed...)

I think I oriented the World Servers spread the way I did so it would start out with the World card, and do the work in a step-down fashon rather than a step-up fashon. But we both put the Fool in the middle position, so there is something we are both holding in common there. He's serving kind of the like the disks that hold our vertebra apart, so they can each do their seprate jobs and not interfere with each other. The Fool is standing between the micro and the macro, taking up the slack in the moment of Now.

Thanks for your variant on the spread, and I hope it serves others to note the alternate approach.



laura andersson

Thank you, that does clarify a lot.
Most especially when rethinking comes more readily than emotional rewriting.

Will you be addressing this orientation question with the "tree of life"?
Specifically, I mean that sometimes I feel
the "0" fool is kether, and that we can go up the spiral from "ain soph aur" into "ain soph" and "ain", if i'm not being wholly presumptuous.
it confuses me that 21 "the world" is both malkuth = beginning and yet some-times "reward" and culmination. so again i can only process by seeing a spiral of self-evolution??

which brings me to another most sincere THANK YOU for your lessons, and for the opportunity to participate via the "world server's".

laura andersson

Hello again,
for another FLIP on the "world servers spread" i think i want to specifically ask "what can i do"? or "how am i needed to act"?
then is it [1] NEED, [2] action needed & opportunity given, and [3] level or sphere of action?

i can "see" the question, but not how to answer. all the suffering lately hurts, and we have so little slack in budget. i was talking with spouse about helping and making a commitment to support what we care for. I asked should i donate to this or this or this and said "Dalai Lama", and he said "yes". Then... "synchronicty" or causation? within 3 days, i received a newsletter from the Dalai Lama and NOT one i'd ever had before or signed up for...
So, Christine, how do i use the "world server's spread" do be a "world server"?


HI Laura --

I mentioned the Tree of Life and it's method of proliferating itself "up" and "down" in the response I left you at the end of the Coins suit. Maybe one of these times I'll break down a Tree of Life spread for Tarot, and we can unpack those ideas some more.

In my studies, I have not been happy with putting any Trumps on the stations of the Tree, because when those stations are introduced in the Sefir Yetzirah, they are given Numbers or Planets rather than letters. The letters (Trumps) then fill in the paths between the Sephiroth. This satisfies my Pythagorean side, addressing the Decave-mysticism that was part of the Alexandrian synthesis which informed the first Kabbalists as they were originally conceptualizing the Tree. You can also see this trend in the earliest sketchy drawings left in the margins of the QBL manuscripts, before the Tree model was even settled on. Whether viewed as a chain, or a spiral, or a set of nested spheres, or whatever else, the Sephiroth would as often have numbers and/or planets on them than titles, as befits their relationship to the "Spheres" of the Hermetic Cosmos.

Nevertheless, when we allow our minds to slide across multiple disciplines at once, we have to also expect a bit of "fudge factor" to enter in. What I mean is, there's seldom a one-to-one correspondence to be found between sequences like:
a) the stations on the Tree
b) the stages of the alchemical Work
c) the "spheres" of the Universe/Solar System
d) the Pythagorean Tetractys

To some degree, this is because these different paradigms are conceived upon, and therefore divisible by, different numbers. For example --

8 is the model for the Wheel of Time
10 is a standard value in Hermetics, whereas
12 is the set number for dividing the signs, yet
7 is the number of visible "planetary governers" despite the fact that
22 is the number of the Mother Alphabet.

This does not even include the ancient's calculation of 22/7 to substitute for pi when dealing with spherical calcuations (as in the Platonic Solids).

So we have to have very, very flexible minds to take in the fact that the Whole is divided by X number in one set of Mysteries while being designated by Y number in a different Mystery Teaching.

It's the same Reality every time, which is multiform and polymorphous perverse in it's "raw" state, but which will also show us models of tenness, twelveness, sevenness, or any other division/relationship that we can imagine, all without ever changing it's essential nature.

It's like the physicists' Uncertainty Principle -- whatever you are looking at is field until you start to look ~for~ some discreet thing, at which point the field collapses and shows us the "thing" we had projected on it.

So what is real, the field, or the thing? It's all in who's looking!



H again Laura --

In using the World Servers Spread to become a World Server, I think the key is to simply try and identify the principle at work, then turn around to look at your life and see where the lesson applies.

One thing I have noticed in my years of doing readings, is that the same spread applies all over one's life, even if the question asked was about one particular issue or situation. In other words, a client and I will start out trying to investigate their workplace issues, but by the end they are mentioning how the very same advice would work just as well in their marriage, in training their dog, or in handling their finances.

Hence, I emphasize the realm of principles, of momentum and trajectory, of Natural Laws when reading the cards. Divination and prognostication in their traditional senses don't enter in to my interpretations very much. That way I can take the lesson, however it was first detailed, and apply it to other situations which are contemporaneous with the present situation being examined.

What I would say about your "flip" of the World Server's Spread is, try it the new way for awhile and see what happens. Don't just try to live out the spread I post here, but do your own and see what circumstances you are pointed towards and how the results play out in your own reality. There's nothing wrong with a spread having nothing but positions about "the question", without leaving any positions open for "the answer". Perhaps "the answer" will be found easier by allowing "the question" to be proliferated more fully through a spread with cards!

I think people are too hasty for answers. We don't work on our questions well enough, so they are still full of foam and wormholes when we ask them. That means our answers will be similarly flawed and more difficult to read than they should be. So I say -- let your whole spread be done in question marks, and then see the kind of thought-forms the cards propose for you to contemplate in context of the questions. Don't frame them as answers at all, just look for ways to refine the questions. Maybe a few rounds of that would net you a question that was *really* worth asking, and *then* you could program in a few positions for answers (as in the last four cards of the Celtic Spread, which are all about ramifications in the possible future.)

Ok, now I'm not sure whether I addressed your "question"!


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