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I pick this up just an hour after the eclipse. In another half hour I'll be at Circle. Feel my hand as it reaches around the wheel to hold yours. Spinning, spinning, exhale.
Contratulations Web Weaver. It's good to read your words. I look forward to this blog. Who'd of thought this would be where we'd meet again!
Blessed Be,


Howdy Topaz --

Great to hear from you! And yes, I do feel the spinning of the Web as it weaves us all closer and closer to each other, through this amazing realm "between the worlds".

When I think back to my early years as a Tarot reader and astrologer, I remember dreams and meditations I had wherein I would pick up a card and it would pop into 3D, movement, and speech. Or I'd be looking at a birthcart and the symbols of the signs and planets would each emit it's own tone and they'd compose music together. I still haven't had exactly those experiences, but this business of building a presence on the internet and setting up a "virtual island" there, well, that seems equally amazing and miraculous to me!

This launch has had its share of wibbles and wobbles, as befits such an endeavor in the age of spam-protection and online fraud. But we have already been gratified by the number of visitors we have had, and people seem to be enjoying their tours of the place so far....

The goal here is to make a spot on the internet where folks with no money to spend on Tarot conferences, classes, or private teaching can get their hands on the rudiments of the art and begin to self-educate. I will also make myself available to teach through this site, and will publish both old and new research as well, but first and foremost I want to help stabalize Tarot's penetration into the minds of the future by having a spot where "traditional" Tarot can be shared with new generations. I hope that the word gets around and people will participate in making this a useful and educational site for new and seasoned Tarot Philosophers.

Welcome Aboard!


Nancy R. Fenn

Hi Christine. I blogged your blog today :-) and pointed readers to the page on the Major Arcana. I love your defintions on They just amaze me everytime I get a reading, they are so good!

Your link on the Major Arcana page to "the author" should be corrected to:

It has a link to an index page instead.


Hi Nancy!

Thanks for the link correction. Keep those sharp eyes on us, will you? We're looking forward to lots of comments here, suggesting more blogs, more links, more references, and more images that we can all use to help our understanding grow.

Tarot University Net

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