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Luis Matos

I have 72 images which can induce the 72 Shemhamemphoresh spirits or forces in a safe way. I have been experimenting with them for 11 years. I am very sensitive to magnetic field changes around me and have used this ability to fine tune color,image and thought. I have come up with something so simple yet so powerful. By using the images I have been able to induce for ex. Mahashiah and laylahel by using Jupiter in Aries and contacted the Mother force of Laylael and the Father force of Mahashiah. Laylael felt hidden, yet moving good things behind the scenes. Mahashiah was extrovert like and relied on the workings of Leylael. I felt the concepts of fame and fortune in Laylael but in a hidden and underhanded way. to make things short it felt like a command that can not be disobeyed. I know I can go deeper, but i am touching the others on the surface. It feels good to sense these forces, i have never felt like king as when sol in Aries. I felt gold and good luck. Mars in Aries gave me a feeling of fearlessness. I know that if I had someone to direct my experiments to and if questions were directed at me about them I would be able to induce them within me, then project them infront of me and receive a response. Any way I am developing these acrds/images that will make it easier for others to contact these forces in a safe way. I believe this is revolutionary. Thanks for listening.


Fascinating, Luis!

The question is, how do other people get access to these images? Do you have them on a website somewhere, or are they personal and private to you? Where did they come from?

Readers, all you have to do is click on Luis' name (above), and an e-mail will be generated that will be sent back to him. It sounds to me like an invitation is being extended for people to help Luis deepen his connection to the Shem Angels. Would anybody like to help him?

By the way, a friend sent in a link to a set of seals that are purported to be the "dark side" of the Shem Angels. You'll find them at the end of this article:

As the author states there, these were included for completeness, not to recommend them for modern use!

Thanks for your contribution Luis. These Shem Angels represent a long-forgotten tool of consciousness that moderns could use to tap into our astral inheritance.


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