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February 02, 2005


laura andersson

Kabbalah- i want to build some links to other traditions.
first, the steps of kabbalah at the highest level, going beyond kether to ain soph aur, then to ain soph, then to ain, gives me an immediate mental link to the
concept of "platonic ideal".
by this i mean that the mere word "chair" takes us to the concept of "chairness" and the place where we go behond physical chair i sit in, emotional chair i love, mental chair i think of, to the concept, and then beyond...
anyone who has had an idea knows the vast distances between the idea as spiritual [?] influx to an actual formalized concept to imagery that can be realized to the tangible item [we can use CPT's Tarot University thusly - it began with her inspiration and now is spreading to touch me and others!].
ok. now. in zen and in taoism, there are
the ideas of the essential one and the place where there is a "one" and then beyond/above/past that one to the place where it is "no-thing". yet nothing is not
'nothing' because it is full.

these words i struggle with are full of meaning to the awake.

the tarot, which is our topic after all, takes us, via the circuitous route/root? of the kabbalah to the realization of the NOW
which might equate to the "AIN".

finally. modern string theory takes us to the point where there ARE at least 11 parallel universes and everything that could be, can be and is, so the tarot becomes TAROT and a tool for awakening and
stepping out of the net.

and remembering the path to light when one
slips again.

we need the bricks to build the house. but once we open the door of a properly built
tarot universe, it seems there are more rooms than we imagained in our construction.

blessings, L

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