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May 06, 2005


Robert Fiske

Rev.Dr. Fox,

While I am somewhat sympathetic to the general thrust of your questioning, I would not agree that the fallaciousness of your questions constitue 'lucidity.' You are obviously an educated person, so why the bad reasoning? What are YOU lacking in your arguments to resort to this? Is your audience a bunch of morons? Are you suffering from ego inflation, doctor? Not a swipe these are, but objective questions asked, Reverend.

Roger Kuhrt

No, No, No!!! Don't play the Nazi Hitler card on the Pope--Matt (this is Roger Kuhrt, sufi = Barakat Amir); you really didn't write these questions did you? I mean your 9X Theses 2 years back was wonderful, but this is not like you.

As for Chris; I also have trouble believing what happened there since it is very difficult to make up a 30 min blank space in the swim of things. So I am really doubtful about the reports being given here.

Cheerfully, RK

christian louboutin

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